Document Writer Pro - Powerful Word Processor App Reviews

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Promising but too light for now

100% CPU when exporting. Lots of mistakes Appears a bit light. Needs polishing. But I like the idea. Specially the structure sidebar

More than I could have hoped for!

I tried several office tools, a few of them are nice, but this one is better. I got this app on sale and it well worth of a small investment for making my life easier. This app neatly organizes all my work. Wonderful app, excellent for viewing and editing word documents. It displays documents beautifully and does almost everything I need. My papers are instantly saved and I never have to worry about losing my work.Whats nice is to have an ability to work something that is perfect for writing.Its layout is easy to understand and manage.The functionalities work perfectly with what I need to do.It has no issues so far. But I give it 4 stars. Because I feel interactive experience of the app is not very good, if you can improve the experience would be even nicer.

Truly amazing app, well worth buying!

I was searching for a document editing program for my work when I stumbled across Document Writer Pro. Not only did I find a great app for editing my documents, this offers many more features that I have found especially useful. I can view many types of files, save and edit my documents. I prefer Document Writer Pro because of its speed,stability and ease of use. Ive got exactly what i was looking for! Its great for helping edit my documents, storing them and sending them to my clients quickly. It even makes signing off on my finished work amazingly simple and fast. This fantastic app is designed to make sharing a lot easier across all your devices. I think its one of the best apps that I have tried in a very long time. I love it very much. This is truly a useful tool for anyone needs to edit their documents. and it is worth every penny, I absolutely recommend it. I give it four star, hope it have more improvement for next time!

App was previously a markdown editor, now poor word processor

App updated and completely changed. Was ByNote, a pretty standard Markdown editor, and now it’s like a bad Pages clone.

Good Word Editing application

Quick word is a great tool to boost your productivity and creative output by not letting those great thoughts and ideas just slip away.I use Quick Word processors constantly,this app is fantastic.It displays documents beautiful and does almost everything you need.I love it!

Great app

I have 5 stars for the excellent service on this feature that makes my files better,more easier for me.Im delighted and recommend it to my best friends to add and to use it too.

Easy to use and very uncluttered

I just got this app and it is phenomenal! I love it, does everything i need, everything i used to do with Microsoft Word, i can do with QuickWord! I love it. Worth every penny. If youre in school (like me) and need a word processing software package fast, this is the one and it wont break the bank like those microsoft products. Awesome APP!!!!!

What a cool app!

I like this program. Im using it everyday now and the pages come up super fast. Microsoft Goodbye! I have found a much faster and easier program.Just replaced Office Word. Thank you.

Its very nice

I love this app,it can export all the common formats: pdf,rtf,doc,txt and more . To create the tables and insert the pictures make your document more rich and colorful. Automatic save function let you dont have to worry about losing data.Nice for me.

Awesome word processor

This application is very simple but yet full featured!Easier to use than most word processor.Very easy to export many different file formats and share with can export all the common formats: pdf,rtf,doc,txt and more .Its my favorite feature because I usually need to export many different files for job.It provided me with great convenience.And the auto save feature has saved me many times.I love this app very much! Quick word is a clean and simple software that does a perfect job for editing.For those who need a smooth word processor,quick word might be a good choice.I would recommend to others.

Best writing app.

I truly enjoy the ease of use of this application.It is actually easier to use,I enjoy it and it is vital to my job to have the word on all my apple products.Its the best writing app .


HELP!!! i just downloaded the app, but realized it does NOT autocorrect or highlight words that need to be fixed. im no idiot but we all make typos that we arent aware of. i dont think that setting could be changed which is an extreme con. But otherwise, i think its pretty much similiar to the basic microsoft word

Definitely great to have

This is great tool for creating and editing documents.Its important for my job.This is the perfect app for me.Im able to read,write,and edit a variety of documents.There are really no books to complain about,and the app does exactly what is needed.I love this so much.I use it everyday.It does all of the basic things that the full version of quick word does.It really easy to use and I love how I can save everything .It is great to use and I would definitely recommend!

Great app,very functional

Quick Word has gotten better and better on the Mac and it works well.I now use it as my primary writing apps.Everything i do on my computer I can do here.A mouse adds to the ease to doing and have a lot of folders and files.I would recommend Quick Work to anyone who needs an excellent Word Application.

Does not work

DO NOT BUY…I purchased this to work from home, the app doesnt even open. A waste of time and moeny. Im demanding a refund for an app that does not even open. So disappointed!

Great program for my needs

This app is 5 star for what it allows me to do.Its very important for me to have writing program.This word app have some of the features I would love.It has enough to satisfy my writing needs.Daily Im writing business letters as well as write book reviews and this program gives me the basic tools to write and edit with ease as well as a word count which is absolutely necessary .Great app!Thank you for this app.Highly recommended!

Perfect for writing

I am in love with this app.I can write form anywhere with the peace of mind that it will be saved.It has always saved my documents and Im able to write papers for school on the train.I love having this app and the ability to edit and write on my Mac.It took me a while to find the word count tool,but once youre familiar with this app,its easy.The sharing ability as an email attachment as a document or as a PDF is my favorite.Dont change that!I would definitely recommend it.

Reliable and useful word program

This is a very awesome and well written application.Its great to be able to open the same document on my Mac and continue working right where I left off.I have not experienced any problems with the app.This is a really great document app.I am incredibly satisfied with this product and recommend it to others.Its worth the cost.

too bad

It gets computer slow and me angry. I can not use it and I dont suggest you.

Good editing tools for word.

This is a rich content of the word software. it can meet you a lot of requirements. for example, you can insert a variety of formats to open the picture, open the different types of documents, you can also export documents into PDF format with picture. In a word, it uses more than you can imagine. That will find a lot of new features when you are using. which is very exciting. I have been in love with it.

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