Document Writer Pro - Powerful Word Processor App revisa

The basics are good.

I like using it to edit my works about word files. I'm not professional at app's function. I just think that this one is good for me. I just use the basic functions, but I also think the basic functions is good to use. I really recommend this.

Be prepared to pay

Can’t even print without upgrading. All the positive reviews seem to be English as a second language-generated and all use the same word choices, like ‘perfect.’ For whatever that’s worth.

Really Great One.

It works then my thought. It displays documents beautifully and does almost everything you need. It's good for me. It makes me professional, and all the word work can be well done by using this one. This app is absolutely perfect for me!

Convenient to use.

I highly recommend this app for its features and customer service. It makes me feel very convenient. Everything works smoothly, and there are something beyond my imagination. I really think that I need it work for me. And now I'm trying to go pro, I think it will be much better.

It's professional Word.

I need the word to work for me and save my time. In the face of heavy daily documents, I think this is very important to me. Since I started using this app, I found that this app can handle my text work perfectly. It is simply fantastic. very good.

Hmm, Feel Somewhat Cheated

Looks impressive, but you have to pay to be able to print. Would’ve been nice if that was made more clear up front.


Downloaded thsi app on my mac for word documents. I will admit the app is easy to use worked on a document for over an hour and it worked great. Up to the time I went to print my document, that is when you find out you can’t print or store the document without purchasing an additional subscription to the service. Beware before wasting your time.

Great word.

I like this one and it can do a lot of things with my files. If you do a lot things bout files, I think this word app will e a good choice. It will better than you thought, and you will be very satisfied with it. That's my own feeling about this, but they are all real

Should have.

Its function, its interface, and its layout are all my favorite styles. It can be said that it was designed for me. Thank you very much for creating this app. I feel that I am success in my work. I don't know why other people said it's bad, it really great.

ZERO stars. Tearing out my hair- I hate this crap.

Downloaded the free app, spent hours working on my document only to find out that I can neither export, download, print or e mail doc unless I purchase the upgrade. Arm twisted. Fifteen dollars later I am blessed again with the option to “Upgrade to Document Writer Pro for further access” I also cannot quit the app and am here to vent my frustration. I will be calling to get my money back- this is GARBAGE.

This app is absolutely perfect.

It's really worthwhile for me to write a comment for it. This is something I haven't seen before. It was also my first time writing. There are a lot of things I want to say, good to use, write, report, and other things I want.

Add this one.

This one is the best word app among the all over the apps. I use this app quite frequently and find i beneficial in many areas of my life. This app really helped me a lot. I am very pleased with the result. My needs were pretty basic. I like it. You should think about to add this one.

Good job!

I have used this app for a long time, I really think this is the useful office app in my Mac now. I think it have changed a lot that can meet many of my needs. I can do everything in here. It is good for memos, notes or any other communication needs which I may have.

can’t print

I loved using this app until I went to print out the documents and then I was told I had to upgrade to print. WHAT???? And that I have to buy a yearly subscription?

Pleasantly Surprised!

This app is absolutely perfect for me! I can't tell you enough how nice it is to be able to access all different kinds of files from one single app. The app can also work with more file types than I've seen in one document app. This is so helpful for being able to do my works.

This is the top one.

I am incredibly satisfied with this product. And I think this should be a very basic app for a Mac user. And I think this one will be my office tool in my office works. In my thought, it's suitable for me to use. This one is the best word app among the all over the apps.

Perfect app.

The app is the most convenient for me. A lot of text files it can be a good solution. Of course, there are a lot of other features that I need to use. This is an excellent addition to the app that I had not seen before in any other word document app.

Spent 2 hours writing a blog post only to have it freeze when clicking save

I spent 2 hours writing a blog post, then I went to click “save” in case anything were to happen to my computer. After clicking save, a colored circle started spinning. It spun over and over and over. It has been going for 20 minutes and I can’t do anything with my document. I can’t cancel the save. I can’t copy what I’ve written. I can’t do anything. My work is lost.

Do not recommend to purchase

I used to convert a pdf file, and did nothing only garbage send to word document. No lo recomiendo, la traslacion a word, es muy mala.

Powerful to use.

Thank you to the Developer for this great app! I think I find the most useful for reading documents. It has the features I actually use, like setting my own default font for plain text. Most of the functions are quickly available on the menu bar or in drop down menus. I highly recommend it.


You buy the 1 year subscription but you can’t even print?! The most basic thing you need for a word processing app! How disgusting.

Paid for 1 year subscription.

Paid for 1 year subscription and still will not allow to print. Good application apart from that.

Pretty darn good.

This app makes my Mac so much more useful. I depend on Word for so much and really appreciate the folks at this app for keeping it updated and working wonderfully! Thanks for such a useful app. I never face a bug in using word for note taking, and other functions. Love love love this app.

It's the most useful word app.

Compared all the word apps, I think this one is the most useful app for me. I don't have any compliant about this one. You may continue to use it, if you use it to do your files work. That's all my feeling about this app. Maybe it's not the best one, it must be the most useful.

Who needs Word?!

I needed to type a paper, and have been complaining that my "MS Office is too old and I don’t have Word!” So, it was procrastinated long enough, something told me to check the Apps. There had to be something similar.. HERE IT IS!! Not only similar, but does everything Word did for me. Perfect. Great App and easy to use! I’m stoked! Thanks!

Great program but need a operators manual or some in print that will take from dummy a to skilled

I really need a users manual to find the many fine points of this program. Could you supply me with the address where i can buy one?

Great Word APP.

The app should be the best word processor I've ever used. Up to now, my all the work on the office depends on it. I think it completely beyond my imagination for the word software. Super easy to use, it can help me a lot in the work of the document files.

I still need it.

I have been using this APP for some time now. In my opinion, this APP can handle some text work well. Although I just used it to complete my course report, it's good enough for me at least. I think it's the necessary APP for me. Now I still need it very much.

I like this one.

I can finish my homework now, I use it do everything I need do about word. I never think this one is bad to use, I feel so good when I use it do my works. I think this is the professional app which should have. Someone need do word works can think about it.

Interesting but has problems.

Just bought the app and the 1 year subscription. Imported a docx document with links, footnotes etc. Sad to say the links and footnotes did not come through! The basic formatting did but not the essentials. This is curious since the app will create links and attach to many places ie. within the document, to email etc. The app did import the table in my document with no apparent errors. Oh yes, I was astonished to discover that Drag&Drop does not work.

it’s a great app

the word app in ordinary office,is the one of the indispensable tools,this app provides all kinds of style let us to choose,we can through to the document to add all kinds of style,make it become beautiful, we have to deal with document, point to open the app can operate,unlike other app,point to open app also need to send a certain amount of time.

It works great.

I think it is very good, since I use it, I think other word document app does not have it easy to use, and very simple, but it is professional. I really think this is good, so I recommend to a lot of people, including my classmates and friends.

It's a good app.

I think this APP can help me very well. As a word APP, it is powerful. It enables me to use it well in work and life. I used to use it, I would find it very inconvenient to change to another word APP. This oen is I want.

It's a basic word.

This app is perfect, I think it has completely beyond my imagination. I need it, it can help me a lot. I just love it. It has all the basic word office features, and many different features can be found during use.

a great app

this app in my work,a lot of advantages, it can make me more easily finish the work more efficient,the app when i was working with the document ,not unprovoked report errors ,and the app is to provide more style that we choose,can become the documentation concise and easy

This is I want.

No wonder so many people use it. It can help us solve the problem of writing well. When making a report, it can be done professionally. This is the word document I want. Although simple but very professional, can help me a lot.

Professional product.

The word document is simple but I think it is very professional. It has some of the features, but also in the use of the process can find more features. Although my request is not high, but powerful APP, but also to prevent future use.

I need it.

I think this APP is easier to use than any other, although it looks similar on the surface, but in the use of the process can still feel their difference. I think this may be the most perfect word document. I trust it very much.

Everything is special.

Word software there are many in the AppStore inside. I also download a lot of use, I think the most suitable for me is this APP. I can use it to process my study report. And the result is very smooth and perfect.

Really good to use.

I used it to finish my report. I think working with it can make me seem very professional. I think it is almost perfect. I strongly recommend this, should try to use, it will be beyond your imagination. If you use it, you will change your mind.

Very professional program.

Too many friends recommended this Word app to me, so I downloaded it. And after using it for a while, I was very shocked that it was really easy to use, completely beyond my imagination. Sincere thanks to my friends recommended. You guys who need do paper works should try this one, or it will be a pity.

Perfect Word.

All my documents are handled by using this APP program, without any problems. I've used so many apps, and I think this app is the best one. It is perfect, without any defects. Now on my Mac, there's nothing else except this word APP.

Good Word Editor.

Finishing documents is a daily face,, I always work in a lot of documents. Being able to do my job efficiently was the main reason I downloaded this word APP. I think this has been able to fully meet my requirements. I can not leave it now.

waste of time and money

I purchased this in full and when I went to use it again, it kept my work as hostage until I agree to “upgrade” or re-purchase. Ive sent the creator messages about not being able to get into my files and no response. When I finally did get a response nothing was fixed. I asked for a refund and guess what no response. Time creating my papers I will never get back. I should have just bought the real thing.

Real Word app.

This really a good one that I want to recommend to others, I think it need to share with others like a such good Word editor. I think it's very suitable for some students, or office workers. In a word, this is a basic for everyone to do work.

This is definitely what I want.

This APP is definitely what I have to download. I need to use it to finish all the text work. It does help me a lot, my spelling, grammar, words and so on many aspects. These make me feel that the APP is professional. At least I think so.

It's the best one.

There are too many word document software in the App Store. And I have tried a lot Word app, and finally I downloaded and used this one. Because that APP can meet my requirements, and it can be a good use of it to work, is simply created for me.

It's a basic tool.

After I used it I know that this is a good companion app for word. I'm just a normal person using the app and the others. But I am incredibly satisfied with this product and recommend to others. Because it really helped a lot.

My favorite.

I can do my works smoothly when I use it, you guys should consider this one, it's really good to use. I think it's one of the most helpful wordprocessing programs I've used. This one is my favorite app with doing my works.

This is absolutely good.

This application has most of the functionality that I was getting out od word and I am very pleased with this application in every way! It has the features I actually use, I have to say this one helped me a lot, and I like it so much.

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